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  • Weekly Status reporting made REALLY easy! A fully automated weekly status report system that makes it quick and easy to get status reports from all you employees quickly and easily.
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  • Weekly Debrief is designed to provide all the weekly status report features a professional business team needs.
  • A short video demonstrating why Weekly Debrief is the perfect tool for fully-automating your Weekly Status Report system.
  • Watch this short video presentation to find out why the Weekly Debrief team management technique is just as beneficial to team members as it is to team managers.
  • Why weekly status reports can complete tranform your business or team and take your levels of success to whole new levels.
  • Contact the Weekly Debrief team on this page. We're always keen to hear how Weekly Debrief has imrpoved your team management in your particular business.
  • Weekly Debrief is an affordable team management software system that is designed to generate significant increases in team productivity, through better team management.
  • If you need help using the Weekly Debrief team management system, simply fill out the form on this page and one of our support staff will contact you directly.
  • If you're interested in writing a press article/feature on Weekly Debrief you'll find everything you need on this page.
  • A brand new online service called Weekly Debrief, takes this idea to a whole new level by completely automating the whole process in such a way that it makes the writing and submission of weekly status reports quick and easy, rather than tedious and time consuming.
  • Weekly Debrief Press Resources including photographs, logos, etc.
  • Weekly Debrief will be bringing weekly status reports to the iPhone and iPad real soon. News will appear on this page as it becomes available.
  • A selection of frequently asked questions (FAQs) covering the Weekly Debrief service and weekly status reporting in general.
  • One-on-One meetings with staff are a powerful and essential part of any good managers job and it is certainly one that the Weekly Debrief service, and weekly status reports in general, should not be replacing ...
  • Weekly Debrief is an excellent way for a manager to be able to quickly go over the major work done by a team member prior to the annual appraisal. This is one of the massive benefits that weekly status reports offer...
  • It is important to be clear, right from the outset, about exactly what it is you need. You can do this using the template e-mails in the system. If the requests that go out are clear about exactly what it is you need you are likely to discover that you get back pretty much what you ask for...
  • The reality is that the benefits to team members are huge and once they experience those benefits they are far more likely to buy-in to the technique over the long-term...
  • Getting staff into the habit of filling out their weekly information requests is crucial. The last thing you want to receive on a Monday morning is a report that is full of gaps.
  • The online version of Weekly Debrief offers numerous different views of the data ranging from single weeks up to individual staff reports on monthly and quarterly periods.
  • A week is a perfect length of time as the summaries submitted can be short and to the point. What’s more, the information is still timely and relevant, and any praise can be provided at the appropriate time, as can any help that is required...
  • Most team members tend to complete the current week’s summary first and then move onto the next week’s list, but there is no hard and fast rule as to which way is preferable. It’s usually best just to leave your team member’s to it and let them complete it in whichever order they prefer.
  • At any time during the week a team member can simply send a message from their normal e-mail address to Weekly Debrief and the system will take that message and add it to that team member’s journal.
  • At any time during the week a team member can simply send a message from their normal e-mail address to Weekly Debrief and the system will take that message and add it to that team member’s journal.
  • At any time during the week a team member can simply send a message from their normal e-mail address to Weekly Debrief and the system will take that message and add it to that team member’s journal.
  • Regular musings on the Weekly Debrief service, weekly status reports in general, and other business related topics.