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Everything you need to know about Weekly Status Reports

Report Contents:


Introducing the Weekly Debrief Technique, and setting the scene.

Chapter 1: The Weekly Debrief Technique

Why having a Weekly Status Report will completely transform your team or business.

Chapter 2: 14 Benefits for Manager

Running through a detailed list of fourteen benefits that you as a manager can expect to derive from using this new Technique. 

Chapter 3: 7 Benefits for Staff

Explaining how the Weekly Debrief Technique actually generates positive benefits for staff using it, too - it's not just for managers! 

Chapter 4: The Technique

Getting into the specifics of how the Technique works from both a manager's and your team's perspectives. 

Chapter 5: Three Important Weekly Debrief Features

Highlighting three important in-built features of Weekly Debrief. 

Chapter 6: Fourteen Tips & Tricks

A great selection of tips and techniques designed to help you get the maximum benefit from emplying the Weekly Debrief Technique. 

Chapter 7: Questions & Answers

Answering commonly-asked questions about implementation. 

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